Stand up, Speak out, Sign in

Stand up, Speak out , Sign in
President’s message
The future of public higher education and the future of public unions in the United States is in danger. We as adjuncts are especially vulnerable in this time of crises as States abandon their commitment to public education and use adjuncts as a cheap, disposable source of workers to fill the resource gap in public higher education. We as a union are only as strong as our members. As we get ready to move into a contentious round of negotiations with the State of New Jersey, we need to Stand Up and be heard.
In the last round of negotiations, the State held up resolution of our contract for over two years. We need to confront the same administration with a unified and strong union if we are to be successful in this new round of negotiations. .
The time has come for you our large 1,100 adjunct cohort to Stand Up to the administration and the politicians, Speak Out against the exploitation of adjuncts as highly educated, poorly paid contingent workers, and show your solidarity by getting involved. If not yet a member, what are you waiting for? Sign in, fill out a card and join. (See Membership article) If only a token member, get involved. Make a contribution to our political action committee, Sign in by filling out a contribution card. (See COPE) Go further and become part of our activist hotline. Go even further and speak out as one of our new department reps.
Recent Supreme Court decisions and new cases working through the courts threaten to cut the very funding base of our unions. Actions in several Midwestern states seek to destroy the very right to organize. Are we going to be the next right to work state? Over the last 10 years the contribution of the state to Montclair State has been cut in half while tuition skyrocketed and our numbers doubled. We need to unite and speak out against such exploitation. (Often I receive e-mails thanking me for the efforts that I make on your behalf. The sentiment is appreciated but it is not enough. I and a small cohort of officers are not enough. We need all of you to lend your voice and support. We need you to sign in and get involved.

COPE Political Contributions

COPE means Committee On Political Education. It is the AFL-CIO political support organization. Contributions to COPE are divided half to the State Council and half to Local 6025. We use the funds to support candidates or promote issues favorable to our members. Regular union dues are not used for political contributions.


State Contract 2011-2015

The state contract that was ratified in April 2013. As a result of this contract , adjunct professors will recieve a $25 per credit increase in pay for the next four semester, starting in September 2013.    The base per credit pay will be $1250 in Spring 2014.. For adjuncts who have taught 16 semesters the base pay wil be $1300 per credit. To see full contract agreement  click on link below.


Nick Yovnello Social Justice Scholarship Awards Brunch Sept. 27

Join the AFTNJ Committee On Political Education (COPE) Scholarship Committee the first annual AFTNJ Nick Yovnello Social Justice Scholarship Awards Brunch. We are proud to present the first scholarship to Corrine Reilly-Ferretto, a student activist from New Jersey City University.