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Overview of MSU Adjunct Union

Overview of Montclair State Adjunct Union

The Montclair State Adjunct Union represents all adjunct professors teaching credit courses at Montclair State University.     There are over 1,100  adjuncts at Montclair State and we are responsible for teaching almost half of all the courses offered at the university.  The union represents all adjuncts in negotiations and grievances.    Its fundamental goal is “to advance the economic, social and political wellbeing” of adjuncts at Montclair State University..

The official title of the union is the Montclair State University Federation of Adjunct Faculty,  AFT Local 6025, AFT-AFL-CIO.  As the title indicates we are an affiliate of the American Federation of Teachers at the national level  , and AFT NJ  on the State level  We are also under the auspices of the Council of New Jersey State College Locals  www.cnjsc

   We negotiate our general contract   (See Agreement July 1, 2012 –June 30,2015)  through the Council.    Each of the nine state colleges are represented by a local.   Seven of the locals represent both full time and adjunct faculty.   We are one of only two state colleges that have their own adjunct local.     Our full time faculty and professional staff are represented by AFT Local 1904.  blog.

Our local operates under a Constitution that was last amended on January 11, 2008 (see Constitution).  The Constitution provides for an Executive Committee that consists of nine elected members including president,1st  vice president, 2nd vice president,   secretary, treasurer and four directors.  (See officers) Officers  are elected by the general membership for two year terms.    The next elections will be held in the spring of 2014. The Council meets once a month and twice a year there is a general membership meeting.

All adjuncts by state law must pay 85% of the unions and are enrolled automatically upon employment. To become members, an adjunct must fill out and submit an authorization card. (See Membership).   Apart from the right to participate in the governance of the union membership entitles adjuncts to additional benefits. (See Benefits).  

All members are encouraged to become active members through participating on committees, (See committees), contributing to political action fund (See COPE), attending general meetings including our annual Adjunct Awards Dinner on April 26 (See Awards Dinner).    A special activist hotline has been set up for those who wish to be more active (See Activist Hotline).

Apart from this website, the union endeavors to communicate with its members through a printed newsletter ( See newsletter) and   periodic email blasts.  The union maintains an office in Room 441 at Dickson Hall and can be reached by phone at 973 655 3298 or email at

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